• Beertrice

    Beertrice is normally relaxing in a sunny spot and while she is quite reserved, don’t be fooled she is quite efficient at pest control.

  • Paul Williamson
    Paul Williamson The Beer Boss

    Paul’s love of beer started as soon as he had his first pint!

    Talking over a beer with his Dad’s was surely the start of Hillside Brewery. It is Paul that is in charge of all things Hillside and has taken this lovely little brewery and put it on the big stage.

    When not doing beer tasting, brewing, selling, marketing or delivering you will find at his desk with his dog (Nala) not too far away.

  • Peter Williamson
    Peter Williamson Big Beer Boss

    Peter has been the driving force in getting all the facilities up to scratch. The team love his eye for detail and his ability to appear at just the right moment (no they don’t!!). Now the new barn is finished he will be handing over all the reins to Paul. Perhaps he will be like old Mr Grace and just come in on Friday to tell us all how well we are doing!

  • Will Kear
    Will Kear Beer Author

    Starting out as a keen home brewer with a love of beer has spurred on a passion and desire to create the best brew possible. Striving for perfection and a keen attention to detail has lead to many award winning beers – with more to come!

  • John Winder
    John Winder Beer Deputy

    John loves making beer, drinking beer and making sure you have beer delivered to your local pub or shop to enjoy!

  • Nala
    Nala Beer Hound

    The biggest distraction in a brewery apart from the beer. You will normally find her prancing around the shop with a toy or running around the 40-acre farm.

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