We just love making beer…

Well who wouldn’t! But we really do love making beer. The smell as it changes from raw products to beautiful clear, golden (or darker) liquid that demands to be tasted and enjoyed.

Hillside Brewery sits in the hills of Gloucestershire, at the edge of the Forest of Dean and be it the clear water we enjoy, the quality of the ingredients we use, the lovely fresh air, the desire we have to brew the finest ales or, as we suspect, a mix of all of the above, we do create some absolutely amazing beers and ciders (and, keep it quiet, a very lovely lager!).

Our range is split between our Classic Ales and Craft Specials – Classic Ales are great proven styles of beer and are brewed all year round and our Craft Specials are constantly changing using seasonal and new ingredients to produce new flavours to change your perception of what can be achieved.

Take a look around and find out what we do – or even better… come and see us.


The Classic Range

These are the beers that have stood the test of time. They are ordered time and time again by our customers – for pubs, bars, retailers and direct sales and we brew these beers all year to ensure they can be enjoyed all year round.  With our wide range of beer styles, there is something for everyone.

Craft Specials

We are constantly innovating with our range of craft specials, we love creating new delicious brews for our customers, using the many exciting, seasonally available ingredients in interesting ways. With our limited edition production brews we have created a range of fine artisan beers, each with its own distinct personality & character.

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