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Proud to be small…
We are only a small brewery and we are very proud of that. In fact writing this website is stopping me doing deliveries or helping our head brewer with the latest creation!

And it is that creation, that passion to enjoy another great beer that keeps us getting up in the morning (although the view does help!). We love what we do and, to be honest, the people we do it with and who we do it for.

Be that a cask going to a pub locally or, as our reputation grows, further afield or it a group coming in for a brewery tour. The enthusiasm they have for us to produce a great tasting beer is more than enough for us to head in to the brewery and get the mash tun going!

Our range is evolving as we realise what our customers like and, ok let’s be honest, what they don’t! We now have a great core range which we brew and we are adding craft specials to this selection on an ongoing basis.

Now all we ask is take a look around the website, try a beer, book on to a tour or use our great venue to host an event – whatever it is we just want you to like what we do and let us know what you think as well.

Supporting local
We founded the business in 2014 with a simple mission statement – create a brewery that is part of the local community. But we mean more than just being based locally and saying we love the local area.

We mean  employing local people who can spend money in local businesses. We mean buying local whenever and wherever possible. We also mean supporting and promoting complimentary businesses and venues.

We know that if you take a little wander down to our lovely little brewery that you will have a damn good time. We have pubs on our doorstep with great rooms. We have the Forest of Dean a stone’s throw away – now what’s not to like about all of that!

A green ethos
I put this section in as we all think this is important to show more than just respect for the environment. It is so much more about action rather than words.

We constantly strive to reduce our waste; in the brewing process, in the shop, with our packaging and from the office.

I am not saying we are perfect but I can see we do our very best and will continue to seek ways of reducing waste and increasing our efficiencies. (Although Will’s idea to drink all the beer we produce to reduce transport costs is proving tricky!).

The following is just a few ways where we are trying to put our money where our mouth is!

1. We run on solar power.

2. We use air and ground source heat pumps.

3. We are a net exporter of energy.

4. We recycle all of the waste materials; spent hops and grain going to the local cattle – those cattle are milked and that’s turned into our beer ice cream made by Hillbrooks Luxury Ice Cream.

5. We recycle everything that we can.

“I was asked what made some beer craft beer – my response was a simple one… it’s craft beer when you can phone up or drop by and talk to the person who brewed it – that’s craft”

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